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Residential and Commercial Services

Weekly Residential and Commercial Pool Maintenance;  Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, DC 20004

If you have a pool, you know how much work it takes to keep it running smoothly and looking good. By providing regularly scheduled visits on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, Capitol Pools tries to remove most of the hassle of pool ownership out of the equation. Although no pool service company can make your pool completely hands free, we try to make it as easy for you as possible to enjoy your pool.

Custom Pool Restoration; Glenbrook Rd. Bethesda, MD 20814 Capitol Pool Service, Inc. can do everything needed
to restore your pool to better-than-new condition.

In addition to regular contract service, we can also renovate your pool to any degree you wish. We can replace tile, coping and entire decks. The pool can be replastered with any of the modern materials currently being used and in virtually any color you choose. The reconstruction of your pool, including the tile, coping and most decking is done in-house.

Weekly Pool and Spa Service; McLean, VA 22101


  • Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly Visits:   ...more...
    Contract Services
    Call Jane for a quote on weekly, bi- weekly or monthly service.
    Capitol Pool Service will clean the pool and the tile, service the pool system and clean/backwash the filter, and brush the pool as needed. The technician will also test the pool water and add the necessary chemicals to balance the water. Most chemicals, such as chlorine, pH and alkalinity balancers are included in the weekly and bi-weekly contracts.
  • Spring Opening:   ...more...
    CPS will remove debris from the cover, stow the cover, vacuum the pool, clean the tile and coping, hose the deck and add the necessary chemicals to get the pool started. We will also check the pool equipment and inform the customer of any problems we notice.
  • Fall Closing:   ...more...
    We clean the pool, blow out all pool pipes, add the winter chemicals, lower water to the winter level and install the winter cover.
  • Winter Inspection Program:   ...more...
    During the winter months your pool still needs attention. The water level may need to be adjusted after heavy precipitation, debris may have accumulated on the cover and chemicals may need to be added to ensure water quality in the spring. For a reasonable charge CPS will check all the vitals on your pool and keep it looking good and ready for you when the weather warms.
  • Pool Inspections for Homebuyers:   ...more...
    Pool Inspections

    Are you purchasing a new home with a pool? Capitol Pool Service offers home pool inspections covering the entire pool, including the pool structural, the pool deck and all of the pool equipment at a reasonable cost. If you purchase the home, 100% of the inspection cost will credited to your account if a service contract is signed for that year.

Custom Pool Renovations; Minuteman Dr. Rockville, MD 20853
This Rockville, MD, job required new tile, coping and plaster.


  • Tile Replacement:   ...more...
    We pay attention to the details. Here we designed a pleasant tile pattern on the spa wall. Matching trim tile for the steps was added later.
    Choose from hundreds of tiles in the catalog and have  the actual samples in your hands in a few days. Solid, multicolored, mosaic and decorative tiles are offered.
  • Coping Replacement:   ...more...
    Thirty years ago the choices were white cast concrete or flagstone. Today, flagstone is still very popular, but white cast concrete disappeared like the shag rug, to be replaced with a wide variety of colored bricks, to give your older pool a much updated look. Caulking is also included where necessary.
  • Replastering:   ...more...
    Automatic Cover
    In Northwest, D.C., we installed recessed steps (and grab rails) and new lights. This was taken before the final plastering.
    With the new tile protected, the pool is being prepped for re-plaster.
    Many current renovations also include adding color to the pool surface. The palate of available colors is surprisingly large. From a natural looking mottled gray to a striking dark blue, color can add a new dimension to your pool.
  • Decking:   ...more...
    Like anything else, decks show the signs of age with cracking and chipping. We can do the simple job of preparing and re-pouring a concrete deck, or it can be upgraded with beautiful flagstone. Brick pavers are also an option.
  • Pool Demolition and Removal:   ...more...
    Pool Demolition Before
    Pool Demolition After

    Working in concert with Great American Landscapes (301-972-5861;, we can remove any pool and transform your vision of your new backyard into reality. You can reclaim your space! In only a matter of days, your backyard can be what you want it to be.

Pool Filter, Heater, System Replacement; East West Hwy. Chevy Chase, MD 20815
We are familiar with all the latest pool technology, from automatic timers to high efficiency heaters..


  • Pumps, Filters and Heaters:   ...more...
    Automatic Cover
    Capitol Pools can move, replace or replumb any system to meet your needs.
    We use only top quality equipment and we size it properly for your pool, ensuring that you receive the best value for your money.
  • Chlorine Generators:   ...more...
    If you would like to get away from chlorine tablets, chlorine generators, utilizing regular salt is a viable option. The water smells and feels better, and there are less residual chemicals in your pool.
  • Automatic Pool Cleaners:   ...more...
    Those little devices that work off a timer and run around the bottom of your pool for a few hours a day will help keep the debris out of your pool. If yours breaks, we can fix or replace it.
  • Automatic Control Units:   ...more...
    Have your pool, in fact your entire backyard running like clockwork everyday. With the control unit conveniently inside your house you control the pool pump, cleaner, pool lights, water features, spa and yard lights as you please.  Overriding the automatic settings is simple. We’ll show you how.
  • Automatic Pool Covers:   ...more...
    Automatic Cover
    Our trained technicians will keep your automatic cover working smoothly.
    A great safety feature for any rectangular pool. We fix, replace and install. And service. We recommend annual box cleaning and drain clearing. Complete cover maintenance including inspection, lubrication, alignment, cleaning and parts replacement (as needed), should be done every two years.
  • Winter Covers  ...more...
    Winter Cover
    We recommend Loop-Loc safety covers for the winter, and are able to make even the most difficult installations look great.
    Capitol Pool Service has been installing winter safety covers for more than 30 years. We measure and install the covers ourselves to make sure you get the best fit possible. We can offer you a wide variety of Loop-Loc color options to suit your needs.

Commercial Pool Service; Water St. Washington, DC 20007
We service commercial and residential pools throughout the year.


  • Health Clubs, Fountains, Hotels and Pools:   ...more...
    Provide weekly or bi-weekly service to office building fountains and commercial pools and spas such as hotels and health clubs. Please call Jane for more detailed information, as every commercial installation is different.
  • Automatic Chemical Controllers:   ...more...
    With the Hayward Cat Controllers, the water in your pool, spa or fountain can be chemically controlled automatically by implementing feeding that is proportional to the demand. Web based technology also allows both remote monitoring and adjustment, if your facility requires it. These systems are compatible with most existing chemical feed equipment. Please call for a free assessment.
  • Equipment Replacement:   ...more...
    We specialize in filters, pumps and chemical feed equipment for commercial locations. No system is too big.
  • Governmental Regulation and Compliance   ...more...
    Please contact us if you need assistance bringing your facility into compliance with the 2010 Americans With Disabilities Act, the 2007 Virginia Graeme Baker Act, or any other governmental requirement. See our ADA/Gov't Regs page for more specific information on these acts.
Commercial Pool Cover; Grosvenor Pl. Rockville, MD 20852
No pool is too big to cover.
Commercial Pool Service; Water St. Washington, DC 20007
All Capitol Pools employees must follow strict safety rules at all times, even if the hard hats are pink.

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Phone us at: 301-608-1100 or 703-288-0200